Home is where the love is!  Home is the safest place to feel relax, safe & secure. If your home is surrounded by the negative vibes, it will affect the health & the quality of Life.

Regularly removing the negative energies from your home can refurbish the balance and harmony of your home. If you are wondering how to eliminate negative or harmful energy, try to add in these ancient practices which have been used by Indians for centuries in their homes to ensure the free flow of positive vibes:

Sea salt:

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Sea Salt is believed to have the natural power to eradicate the negativity of your house. So just add a pinch of sea salt to the water which is used to clean the floor of your house. We can also keep the sea salt in every corners of the house; this will removes the Vastu dosha from the house.

Wind Chimes for Prosperity:

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Wind chimes are also known for suppress the negativity and perk up your health! It creates a melodic sound which really can harmonize the atmosphere of your dream house. It helps to produce piece and inner calmness. Even it attracts the prosperity, wealth and produce positive vibes!!

Fragrant air:

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Use of fragrance can bring fresh, cheerful & energetic vibes in your home. A well fragrant home can appeal your guests too; it has the super power of healing can cure headache & insomnia. Fragrance can be use in the form of incense sticks, fresh natural flowers and oil diffusers.

De – Clutter and Re arrange Furniture:

To bring in the positive flow of energy into the house you just have to get rid of all unwanted, expired and useless items around you. The more clutter you have the more negativity you are inviting in. So all you have to do is clean every corner and closets often. Trash out your unwanted stuff like old magazines, newspaper, boxes and worn out cloths etc. Also try to re-arrange your furniture to catch the affirmative outcome.

Go Green by indoor plants:

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Indoor plants not only revamp your house but also stimulate positivity in our surroundings. Indoor plants known for purifying air quality they can absorb the harmful toxins from the air. They can boost the productivity, mood, memory and can reduce stress and fatigue.