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Popular Home Decor Styles

Popular home decor styles that are completely in vogue!! Your home is a reflection of your personality! Home decor is a very personal and unique choice that is often a complicated decision to make because of the sheer variety and styles available in the market. A well styled home can not only transform your home into being the talk of the town but will also have a calming and soothing effect on your soul. Living in a home that matches your personality and enables you to make a style statement therefore becomes extremely important. For all those who are on a lookout for styles to redesign their living, we bring some of the Popular Home Decor Styles that are trendy now a days:

1. Modern Home Decor Styles:

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The modern style is for those who see beauty in simplicity. The basic principle that guides the modern designing is sleekness in style. Modern decor usually consists of crisp lines, a colour theme that is basic and the use of materials that can include hardwood, plastic and medium density fibre board (MDF).

For all those who avoid cluttered designs and want their homes to look elegant yet spacious, modern is the style for you!

2. Traditional Home Decor Style:

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Traditionally styled homes maintain an element of tradition and reflect the culture of a place to provide a classic interior design. The colour palette is rich and vibrant and is often coupled with bold curves and intricate detailing.

For those looking for comfort, tenderness, and familiarity with a touch of royalty, Traditional decor is the style for you!

3. Contemporary Home Decor Style:

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The contemporary decor involves the designs of the present. Contemporary styles are not bound by any particular rules and are often an amalgamation of the new ideas with those of the traditional designs. Contemporary designs are basically about casual spaces with a combination of neutral and vibrant colours and elements inspired by nature.

Opt for contemporary, if you are looking for Interior Design Style that breathes nature in soft tones and casual arrangements.

4. Bohemian Home Decor Style:

Bohemian Decor IdeaImage Source: Pinterest

Bohemian is the style for people who breathe adventure! Bohemian designs are guided by just one simple rule: Follow your heart! This makes Bohemian design one that provides maximum room for creative expression. Bohemian designs feature individual expression and uniqueness of character through shabby fabric and textiles with rich artwork or patterns – especially those with red or purple shades. The Boho design loves upholstered furniture and rustic wood pieces, purposefully untouched to create an antiquated visual.

If you are an individual wanting to highlight your individuality through creative home decor, Bohemian is just the style for you!

5. Minimalist Home Decor Style:

Minimalist Room Decor IdeaImage Source: Pinterest

The guiding principle of the minimalist design is marked by the expression ’Less is more’. Drawing elements from modern designs, the minimalist style simplifies them even further. Thus, it closely resonates with what is uber modern.

If you are on a lookout for Home Decor Styles that provides maximum decor effect, Minimalist is the style for you!

6. Vintage Home Decor Style:

Vintage Room Decor IdeaImage Source: Pinterest

It is the style that celebrates the designs of a particular era that have withstood the test of time. The vintage design ushers in retro nostalgia and enables you to relive memories.

For those wanting to highlight collected pieces and items that bring individual pleasure, Vintage styling would do just the task for you!

7. Eclectic Home Decor Style:

Electic Decor IdeaImage Source: Pinterest

Eclectic is a style for those who see little elements of their personality in more than one of the styles mentioned above. Eclectic decor allows you to bend the rules and mix & match from various styles to achieve the desired effect.

For personalities that cannot be streamlined to fit into a particular category, Eclectic is the style for you!

Hope you like to read all Interior Design Styles!! Keep Visiting & stay motivated :))

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