Painting a Terracotta Pot – Tips & Tricks

Are you Painting a Terracotta pot?  The container which displays plants should be eye-catching so that all of your guests will be amazed!  These artistic makeovers turn your boring terracotta pots into trendy & glamorous pots which can enhance the style of your home.

So have a  look at these tips to Painting a Terracotta Pots:

Paint with Gold Spray:

Painting a terracotta pot

Spray paints are the easiest way to add glam in your pots. The gold paint will takes on the texture of the terracotta pot and can give a variety of finishes like matte gold-leaf glimmer to a brilliant mirror like shine. See the many looks you can get with gold paint, and try to make your own.

Decoupage by Fabric:

Decoupage on terracotta pot

Everyone have leftover fabrics at their home, so here is the idea to add an upscale look that suits a modern aesthetic. This pot is wrapped with unused  fabric for a quick and gorgeous makeover. All you need is a fabric Modpodge, terracotta pot and a flat paint brush, So create your Fabric Pots and add stylish look into your indoor plants!

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Use Permanent Marker to painting a terracotta pot:

how to paint a terracotta pot

Yes you can paint your terracotta pots by permanent markers too… Permanent marker like sharpie & posca pens are the best for doodling! So just go with the flow & start making doodling.. For me Doodling is a stress buster..

Use Pastel Chalk Paint to paint terracotta pot:

painting a terracota pot

Just welcome the hot summer days out in the garden by these modern pastel-painted pots. Make these pastel planters with chalk paint and you can label your plants, too. Isn’t it good idea?

Dress up the terracotta pot with Sea Shells:

sea shells decor on pots

Really you can give the beachy look to your terracotta pots with the help of sea shells. This will really look fabulous! I’m sure your guests will gonna ask you from where you buy these beachy look pots 🙂 So start collecting sea shells and make your terracotta pots by own.

Make Polka Dots:

Painting a terracotta pot

Polka Dots are evergreen. And its really easy to make, even if you are not a good artist.  So guys make your beautiful terracotta pots and decorate them in your home!

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Hope you get inspired by this post! Make your own economical Terracotta pots to adorn your dream home!

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