Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In Low Budget

Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In Low Budget

Interior design ideas for small homes in low budget is tricky but can be achieved by some tricks. Well a home is a home, whether it is small or big. We all have a dream of living in a home that utter something about our personality. Isn’t it? 

Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In Low Budget
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In today’s era of hustle and bustle there is a problem of space. Space management is the complex. So, the question is, how to decorate a small house in a low budget in India? Well, you will get all the tips & tricks of how to decorate your small house in this article .

Today we are having an extremely creative guest on our blog whose name is Ms. Shanu Agarwal who is an Interior designer and a freelancer who loves to transform the home’s interior. Currently she is working in Gurgaon. She is very innovative who also loves to make various art forms as well. You can find her work on instagram and youtube.

So explore here some budget friendly & easy home decor ideas for small home by Ms. Shanu Agarwal & Creative Kalakari.

Here are 10 Best Interior Design Ideas for Small Homes in Low Budget :

 1. Use Mirrors

Mirrors actually gives the illusion of a bigger space which is really useful for small homes otherwise it gives a classy and trendy look to your home.

Use mirrors for small homes

Even if you’re not blessed with an abundance of natural light, mirrors can help you make the most of what you do have by reflecting it around the room. So include the big size mirror for small rooms.

2. Use  Multifunction & Foldable Furniture for Designing Small Homes:

I need more space, we don’t have space to keep this and that.. is this your tension too? , Well then check out this tip , this will help you out for space management. A sofa that turns into a bed, a bed that turns into a table and table that turns into a console: smart and functional furniture is the choice of the new generation. Try to use foldable furniture which can serve your purpose, afterwards you can fold it to have a lot of space.

Check these interior designing ideas for homes here:

5 Ideas to Decorate your Entryway

These days consumers are looking for simple ways to maximize space without compromising on design or convenience. So multi-function furniture can be best pick for small homes! This is one of the best interior design ideas for small homes in low budget.

3. Use large rugs

Interior designing for a small space is all about tricking the eye into seeing more than there really is. When you use small rugs in a small space, you see and imagine small. Decorating with large rugs, however, give a sense of grandeur and the feeling of a bigger room. Finally, the shape of a room and the furniture within it will utter the best size of rug to buy, but always aim to go as big as you can.

4. Wall Stickers for Small Spaces

One of the most budget friendly material for small home’s interior designing is wall sticker, it’s come In wide range in terms of design , size, material. These can be used in walls, floor or any other surface. This is the way to decorate your house if you’re looking for without stress and mess. This is the best option for personalizing the space according to you.

5. Brighten up Small Homes with Indoor Plants

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They also make your home’s air healthier. A most important reason to add indoor plants, it helps to purify the air in your space, and it also creates a beautiful visual impact around the space.

There are different ways you can add indoor plants n small spaces:

A. Hanging Plants:

B. Placed on floor:

C. Use a Frame:

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6. Color Blocks

 Looking for a way to spruce up your walls? If your small apartment is already painted, but you don’t like the color and you’re dying for a splatter of colours and patterns, then colour blocking may be just the technique you’re looking for.

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 This technique is an easy way to highlight a feature or simply dress up an empty wall.

Well, imagination is the main ingredient, when it comes to colour blocking. Shapes can vary from stripes, triangles, rectangles, squares, circles or a mix of some, it’s just a question of taste, as what is attractive to one person may not be appealing to another.

7. Fabric On Walls

Do you love the pattern? Have lots of types of tapestry? If the answer is YES, then this idea is for you.

Wall decor in small homes
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Tapestry can add charm, color, texture, and pattern to a space. One can hang them over the sofa, or behind the bed to serve as a bold headboard substitute. One can include them in small spaces as they can give life to your walls even without spending so much. Check some beautiful Tapestry here:

8. Display Your Favorite Moments

Display Your Favourite Moments in Small spaces
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We all have some favourite memories with our friends and family , and we always want to cherish them , but due to our busy lifestyle , we forget them I have a perfect solution for that 

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Print all your cool pictures, and display them on your wall or any cozy corner , you can personalize that with display pictures , keeping your gift items , you can dedicate that space to all your loved ones .this space be bedside front wall , correspondence wall of balcony area , corridor wall etc 

There are plenty of easy ideas of displaying pictures on the wall. Check some cool ideas here:

9. Beautify Small Spaces By Curtains

Curtains in small spaces
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Curtains are one of the most effective décor components that are capable of bringing a spectacular change in the ambience of a home. Curtains are an impression of your style and personality. It serves many functions as they stop dust and the sun’s rays, it is the best way to keep privacy. Curtains are an incredible way to add color and beauty to any home’s decor.

Check out the range of curtains available at Amazon and match them to your furniture or choose contrasting colors to modify your rental decor.

10. Love The Space

I understand interior designing for small homes is not that easy, as one has the limited space.

But trust, just relax and keep yourself calm, and start taking out things that you love, keep them where you want them to be, just play with your space, enjoy the process, remember that this space is going to be your space, keep all the stuff, with care and love, and in the end, you will feel proud about yourself, that you have done.

Hope you like all these interior design ideas for small homes in low budget, Leave a comment if you have any doubts :))

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