DIY Pickle Jar Makeover

DIY Handmade Pickle Jar

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Do you have unused pickle jars at your home? These jars really can create magic at your Home Decor style! So lets just try to create these beautiful jars. Below mentioned is the List to create these Jars:

-Old pickle jars,



-Black acrylic colour,

-Jute thread,

-Any old price tags,

-Old flowers or

-You can create your own DIY flowers.

Image Source: Pinterest

DIY Tips to create:

So here we Go!! First of all give base coat on these Jars by black acrylic colour, also do the base coat from acrylic black colour on old price tags, write any messages as per your wish and hang these tags on the neck of the jars following by the jute threads & paste the flowers as per your choice on these jars as per the image & So your mini & cute Handmade DIY pickle Jars are ready to give appealing look to your  Home Decoration. Create it & decorate it!!!

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