Bottle Art is best way to reuse the bottles! Bottles can be painted decoratively and they can add charm to your room decor. Well Bottles can be decorated and painted in many ways, its just about your creativity. I have used an old glass bottle and made an Owl Artwork on it.

Check out this Owl Artwork Video:))

Waste is not waste, until we waste it?
REPEAT” – with this motto I made Mr. OWL ?

So let’s learn something creative which anyone can make out of any waste bottle, So here we go:

Art Supply you Need to Make An Owl Artwork

  1. An Old Glass Bottle
  2. Aluminium Foil

3. Air dry clay

4. Fevicol

4. Acrylic Colours

5. Painting Brushes

6. Mandala Making Tools

So guys lets start making Owl Artwork:

Firstly, the bottle needs to be thoroughly cleaned and remove all the labels by dipping it in lukewarm water. 

Bottle Artwork

Apply some fevicol on the bottle cap and use aluminium foil to make the head of the owl. Give it the round shape.  Now apply again fevicol on the aluminium foil and give the final shape followed by the any air dry clay. I have used shilpkar clay.

Bottle Artwork
Bottle Artwork

Now make eyebrows, eyes, nose, and a bow on the neck and give base coat by white acrylic colour (as shown in image). Let it be dry and make one more coat by white acrylic colour.

Bottle Art Ideas

Now it’s the time for colouring! As I love the bold colors, so I have applied yellow colour on the  entire bottle. You guys can apply the colours of your choice. Make the eyebrow by black acrylic colour, and start paint like this..

Bottle Art Ideas

Further  make the outlines by using 00 size brushes and  at the end you can paint dots of white colors,  I have made dots by dot mandala making tools with the smallest size tool. If you don’t have that tool you can make dots by brush itself with 0 size painting brushes..

So here is the final look of DIY Mr. Owl which can give quirky look in your home! So Bottle Art can be creative by just using your creativity..

Owl Artwork
Owl Artwork ideas

P.S. Please do not add water in acrylic colours. Use colours as it is to have a thick layer of colours, which will look vibrant.

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